Why You Should Have Aircon Repair

In the context of air-conditioning systems, the best person or company to ask help from should you need to have assistance with aircon maintenance or aircon repair is no less than an aircon professional.

Here in Singapore, some common problems why people have their AC units repaired are corroded wires and terminals, low Freon levels, dirty condenser and evaporator coils, and dirty filters. Furthermore, a problem with the thermostat is more difficult to solve. Once a thermostat fails to function satisfactorily, the AC unit cools a room all of a sudden.

Signs that You Need an Aircon Repair

You would know that your AC unit needs aircon servicing if it exhibits these common signs.
The first and most obvious sign that you already need an aircon servicing is failure of your AC unit to turn on. A cheap aircon servicing would suffice to help you diagnose the problem. As long as the technicians are licensed, they will be able to locate and fix the problem efficiently.

Second, be sensitive if your AC unit is not producing cool or cold air anymore. Turn off your unit and contact an aircon servicing technician right away because if your system seems to be producing warm air or room temperature air, there might already be some problems that need to be solved as early as possible.

Third, you need to do some aircon maintenance immediately if there seems to be an excessive leak of water than the normal rate. Also, let a qualified aircon technician check if the Freon level matches with your aircon manufacturer’s specifications. Furthermore, if you notice an ice build-up in the interior or exterior part of your unit, that really calls for an aircon repair.

Fourth, if you notice that your AC unit has been producing a strong odor, if there are sparks or if it emits smoke, disconnect the unit and contact an expert technician in Singapore as soon as possible.

Why Not D-I-Y Repair

Once you have seen or experienced some of those signs mentioned above, it’s time for a professional aircon servicing. Always keep this in mind: Never attempt to disassemble, repair, and reassemble your AC unit yourself because it is disadvantageous.

Aside from the increased risk of hurting and injuring yourself, attempting to repair your AC unit on your own can cause further damages. You can actually lose your 0.5% chance of getting your unit repaired if you prefer doing it yourself. Moreover, excessive damages can actually cost you more should you decide to finally turn your unit over to an experienced aircon technician. Experienced technicians from http://www.airconmaster.sg/ in Singapore have accurate knowledge repairing different aircon units.

Most importantly, you should always remember that aircon maintenance is necessary to see to it that your unit is running properly and efficiently. In other words, this is important to avoid premature aircon repair. But before everything, your newly bought AC unit needs to be installed properly by an expert technician to ensure that it will work in an efficient manner.