Which Bike Size is Right for You?

There is a formula to finding the best bicycle for your age, height, and weight that you can use the next time you decide to go to the bicycle shop in Singapore for a new set of wheels or bicycle accessories. Choosing the right bike size for you will not only increase your comfort, but will also reduce the risk of accidents and costly repairs and upgrades.

Your Measurements
Getting the right measurements for the right bicycle size is different for children and adults, because the smaller bicycles for children are measured by the diameter of the wheels, while the big adult bicycles are measured by the frame. Children should be able to use the bicycle flat-footedly to make it easier for them to brake using their feet or to dismount from the bike.

How do you get your measurements? Just measure your height and the inside leg measurement or inseam by standing with your legs about 15 cm apart. The leg inseam refers to the length of the inner leg from the ankles to the top of the thigh, with an allowance of 5 cm. For children, the easiest way to determine if the bike is the right size is to let him/her try the bike at the bicycle shop before purchasing. There is a bike size chart to guide parents, but not all children at certain ages have the same height and build, so this can only be a general guide at best.

Bike Measurements
For adults, there are five ways to determine if the bike size is right for you, but the simplest is to follow the height-bike size chart. You might find this chart at the bicycle shop in Singapore, but these are based on average height to bike size statistics only and should not be considered as the only determining factor. Another way to determine if the bike size is right for you is based on the type of advanced bicycle you’re planning to purchase at the bicycle shop in Singapore, such as a mountain bike, city bike, and road bike.

Generally, mountain bikes are divided into six sizes (XS to XXL) based on the persons height, but as a rule, your inseam should have an allowance of at least 5 centimeters from your inner thigh to the saddle. For most experienced riders, the saddle height is usually the determining factor, because low saddles will make it difficult for you to use the pedals, but if it’s too high, you’ll have a hard time finding your balance as well. When trying out bicycles at the bicycle shop in Singapore, make sure that your one leg at the lowest point is parallel to the ground, and you can bend your knees comfortably when cycling.

Types of Bicycles
There are different bicycles available for children and adults in Singapore, but most are classified based on the bicycle accessories included and the riding styles for advanced riders.

For children, parents can pick from among the following styles based on the age and skill level of child: balance bicycle, tag-along bicycle, trike, training wheels, and adapted bicycle. Most children’s bikes usually include bicycle accessories for safety, such as helmet, knee and elbow pads, lock, lights, pump, and special brakes.

Advanced bicycles on the other hand include the following: road racing, trail, cross-country, fat, all-mountain, and downhill, sportive road, triathlon, touring, cyclocross, randonneur, fixed gear, track, porteur, hybrid, folding, Dutch, dirt jump, electric, BMX, expedition, and hardcore bicycles.