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Shopping in Tuscany

Arti & Mestiere e Dintorni
Specialising in home design, this shop has two floors of exhibition space displaying a wide variety of items such as clocks, mirrors, umbrella racks and other original items for the home.

Where to find: Borgo Albini, 67/r
phone & Fax: 055 2347440

La Bottega Dei Cristalli
A classic antique store but also trendy, here you will find brilliant items in glass and ceramic and also includes some lovely fabrics.

Where to find: via de'Benei, 51/r
Phone : 055 2344891

Stile Libero Firenze
A great store for an original and stylish gift here you will find a large array of household ornaments and furniture including elegant ceramics, vases, original frames, household fabrics and wrought iron ornaments.

Where to find: via del Ponte Rosso, 5/r
Phone & Fax: 055 4630826

They specialise in handcrafted items in gold, silver and copper and you will also find ideal gifts such as frames, table decorations and jewelry.

Where to find: via S. Spirito, 20/r
Phone: 055 2302964 Fax: 055 293124

Dino Bartolini
This shop is stocked with an extensive range of quality accessories for the home and kitchen including famous crystalware, porcelain and traditional ceramics.

Where to find: via dei Servi, 30/r
phone : 055 211895 Fax: 055 264281
E-mail :

Lisa Corti Home Textile Emporium
A great store for an original and stylish gift, they offer a stunning range of small tables, and soft furnishings with an exotic blend of Indian-African and Italian themes.

Where to find: via de'Bardi, 58
Phone : 2645600 Fax: 055 2728570
E-mail :

A huge shop full of all kinds of interesting, quality household items including English pottery, coffee pots, kitchenware, rustic Mexican glasses, dinner services and German chinaware.

Where to find: via di Ripoli, 2/D
Phone & Fax: 055 6810445

You can be sure of finding a bargain here with a huge range of items to choose from including countless household articles, toys, perfumes and cosmetics.

Where to find: via G. Galliano
Phone & Fax: 055 350884
E-mail :

Via Toscana
Many locally produced wares can be found here such as clothes, household items, ceramics, handbags, cushions, blankets, towels and more.

Where to find: piazza N. Sauro
Phone: 055 219948 Fax: 055 8218949-8217921

Riccardo Barthel
Seeming like more a village that a store, here a number of companies are combined providing a variety of all manner of household furnishings, lamps, lampshades and stylish ideas for the kitchen and bathroom.

Where to find: via dei Serragli, 234/r
Phone: 055 2280721 Fax: 055 222286

Specialising in household linen and fabrics, they offer a range of tablecloths, sheets, towels, curtains along with gift items, silk flowers, candles and an array of antique furniture.

Where to find: Borgo La Croce, 32/r
Phone: 055 2466657

Busatti Firenz
Here there are curtains, bedcovers, sheets, towels, tablecloths, aprons all elegantly woven on antique looms using natural fibres.

Where to find: Lungarno Torrigiani, 11/r
Phone: 055 2638516 Fax: 055 2264622

The three shops stock all manner of household linen and nightwear from tablecloths, towels, sheets and bedcovers to night-gowns, bath-robes, pyjamas and dressing gowns.

Where to find: via Orsanmichele, 14/r, viale Don Minzoni, 13/r
Phone: 055 215153-216853 Fax: 055 573418

Besides beautiful fresh flowers they provide lovely imitation fruit and vegetable centre-pieces for the table, silk roses, period decorations, 19 th century porcelain and perfumed candles.

Where to find: via Masaccio, 204/a
Phone & Fax: 055 577487
E-mail :

Art Decorativa
Reviving the ancient art of scagliola they offer beautifully and patiently carved objects such as tables and marble pieces.

Where to find: via de' Barbadori, 41/r
Phone & Fax: 055 215766

Corniceria Paolo Tonda
Offering a superb range of lovely picture frames, hand made including gold leaf and silver leaf models and a new range with animals and flowers. Not just of art.

Offers a fine selection of ceramics, gift items, home-made souvenirs and a superb range of decorated ceramics, such as plates, candelabras, and replicas of old tuscan doors.

Where to find: via Dante Alighieri, 12/r
Phone : 055 2645241

Offers furnishings and household items distinctively Italian and French in style while there is also an array of photographic books and home fragrances.

Where to find: piazza de' Frescobaldi, 1/r
phone : 055 2670154 Fax: 055 2676316

Melissa Gentile
Among the interesting articles from all around the world you can find table lamps, iron arm chairs, art noveau ornaments, French tables, mirrors and original prints.

Where to find: via dei Fossi, 7/b rosso
phone & Fax: 055 264432
E-mail :

Studio Most - Giulia Carla Cecchi
This extraordinary workshop offers a refined range of furniture, household ornaments, tables, porcelain decorated in gold and much more.

Where to find: Borgognissanti, 46/r
phone : 055 213259 Fax: 055 284055

This recently opened store offers a range of furniture, gifts and objects from Indonesia. They also have a stunning collection of artificial flowers, tablecloths, vases, candles and plates.

Where to find: via Aretina, 12-14/r
phone : 055 6550186

Komala Indah
Among their authentic Indonesian crafts they offer original items such as, primitive style furniture, baskets, cushions, fabrics, jewellery, candles, stones, lanterns and much more.

Where to find: : piazza San Jacopino, 24/r
phone : 055 355838

Machu Picchu
A shop offering Inca art and rare objects from Indonesia and South America including lamps, cushions, ceramics, candles, vases, soft furnishings, musical instruments, bags and more.

Where to find: via dei Benci, 32/r
phone & Fax: : 055 2342732
E-mail :

A shop offering Inca art and rare objects from Indonesia and South America including lamps, cushions, ceramics, candles, vases, soft furnishings, musical instruments, bags and more.

Where to find: via dei Benci, 32/r
phone & Fax: : 055 2342732
E-mail :

Patti & Co
On offer are interesting pieces from Asia and Africa , like fine handcrafted stools, small pieces of furniture, teapots, masks, terracotta works, lamps, and also Japanese silks and fabrics.

Where to find: Borgo degli Albizi
phone : 055 243610 Fax: 055 2477007
E-mail :

A fascinating collection of oriental antiques adorn this showroom, offering small items of furniture, soft furnishings, tables of all sizes and a large choice of smaller gift items for brightening up the home.

Where to find: via della Mattonaia, 24 a-d
phone : 055 2466730 Fax: 055 2009638

Bottega del mosaico
A real paradise for lovers of mosaics, including medallions, leather boxes and carefully made relief work

Where to find: via Guicciardini, 126
phone & Fax: 055 210718

Marco Paci
Creators of fine Florentine mosaics for tables, pictures and miniatures from semi-precious stones.

Where to find: via Santa Monica, 13
phone & Fax: 055 282240

Lipuma - luce d'autore
Creators of fine Florentine mosaics for tables, pictures and miniatures from semi-precious stones.

Where to find: via Santa Monica, 13
phone & Fax: 055 282240

Lipuma - luce d'autore
Specialising in works of wrought iron, all hand carved, decorated with painted flowers and branches. Includes coat racks for the hallway, light fittings and lamps.

Where to find: via F. Baracca, 33
phone : 055 419758 Fax: 055 413259
E-mail :

A spectacular gallery of garden statuary and ornaments includig, water fonts, vases, busts, columns, terracotta virgins, just name a few.

Where to find: Borgo Albizi, 63/r
phone & Fax: 055 2340823

Enoteca Alessi
Here there is a vast cellar of over 1,000 wines but also included are grappas, whiskeys and cognacs of the most famous names in the world.

Where to find: via delle Oche, 27-29/r
phone : 055 214966 Fax: 055 2396987

La Galleria Del Chianti
On offer here is an exceptional variety of wines, grappas, liqueurs, whiskey, cognac and brandy as well as their own olive oil, balsamic vinegar and other items of preserved foods.

Where to find: via del Corso, 41/r
phone : 055 291440 Fax: 055 2740821

With a great reputation this shop offers the best in Tuscan wines as well as a splendid French vintages.

Where to find: Borgo Tegolaio, 33/r
phone : 055 2654675 Fax: 055 2679639

Pane & Co
Proud of their wide selection of Tuscan wines, truffles, balsamic vinegars and olive oils, they also offer fine pecorino cheeses and hams.

Where to find: piazza S. Firenze 5/r
phone : 055 213063
E-mail :

Livio Battista Artigiano
Offering a fine array of handmade diaries, photo albums, address books and other items of leather and writing paper.

Where to find: Borgo degli Albizi, 72/r
phone : 055 2340541 Fax: 055 2009021

Il Torcgio
Here the ancient art of book binding is revived in the creation of desktop accessories such as address books, diaries and photo albums. They also provide splendid had decorated paper.

Where to find: via dei Bardi, 17
phone : 055 2342862 Fax: 055 2639014

Maurizio Balloni
Expert in the field of painting and restoration this shop offers countless gift objects including vases, pots, lamps and trays.

Where to find: via del Campuccio, 17/r
phone & fax: 055 2336782

Maria Meriggi
Maria produces lovely paintings in a classical style including still lifes, dogs, large landscapes and a large number of other subjects.

Where to find: via Guicciardini, 16 (int 72)
Phone: 055 2396809