What Does a Coffee Cart Business Need?

Starting a food business in Singapore can be a challenge, because there are a lot of experienced and recognizable food and beverage establishments in the country. However, one advantage of a food and beverage business such as a mobile coffee cart is that there will always be customers willing to pay for good food and drinks.

When starting your own coffee catering or mobile coffee business in Singapore, you need to fulfill several business requirements and stock up on the best coffee cart equipment and coffee-making tools.

Food Business Requirements in Singapore

Operating a coffee cart in Singapore or any other food and beverage business without a license can get you into trouble, that is why you need to remember the following requirements for your mobile coffee cart business.

1. Incorporate your business at the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authorities. For foreigners, a Singpass and an application to the Entrepass at the Ministry of Manpower are required.
2. Food Shop License is needed after the layout plan and/or tenancy agreements are completed.
3. Liquor License is needed if you’re planning to sell alcoholic beverages.
4. Basic Food Hygiene Course certification is needed for any food business.
5. Permits and licenses for importation of food and ingredients into Singapore are needed.
6. Halal License is needed if you want to serve Halal customers in your mobile coffee cart.
7. Registration at the Central Provident Fund if you are an employer.

Coffee Business Kitchen Equipment

If you’re planning to serve espresso, latte, café au lait, cappuccino, mocha, and other types of coffee in your coffee cart business, you need the necessary tools of the trade. Look for the following kitchen equipment and coffee making tools for your coffee push cart.

1. Automated Machine – During hectic hours, serve up to 10 cups in a matter of minutes to your mobile coffee cart customers using these machines. It usually includes a carafe that can keep the espresso hot for hours.

2. Grinder – Look for an industrial grinder that will produce consistently quality coffee grounds. For your coffee push cart, look for conical burr coffee grinders both for espresso and decaffeinated coffee. If you want to serve flavored coffees, however, you might need two commercial grinders to separate the flavors.

3. Kettle – There are digital kettles that can be used for a coffee push cart that will give you precise control of the temperature and even when pouring liquid.

4. Espresso Machine – Any coffee catering business needs this, because the espresso is the basis for all coffee types. Look for models with steam boiler, temperature control, and pre-infusion paddles.

5. French Press – This is essential in any mobile coffee business. Look for stainless steel models that are dishwasher-safe and have heat-retention.

6. Single-Cup Brewer – This machine is useful for coffee cart businesses that want to serve single-cup brews using ground coffee and even tea leaves. Look for models that will let you adjust the strength of the coffee.

7. Airpot Coffee Brewer – This is important when serving regular drip coffee, although a single-cup brewer might be faster for a mobile coffee cart business.

8. Syphon – The syphon also adds a sophisticated look to your mobile coffee stand. Look for sturdy models with a heat-resistant glass that will last for years.

9. Cold Brewer – This machine will let you serve cold crews fast without compromising the quality of the drinks.

10. Pour-Over Drippers – Look for drippers that have flat bottoms and tiny holes for a more efficient and fast coffee service.

11. Water Filter – Look for commercial-quality filters that will not break easily when dropped.

12. Blender – Commercial blenders for mobile coffee cart will make your preparation of frozen drinks easier, such as iced latte, macchiato, and frappe.

13. Refrigerator – Any food business needs a commercial counter refrigerator, but look for models that will fit in your coffee cart stand. This is also an essential storage for the milk and other food items.

14. Ice Machine – Look for undercounter models that you can place in your mobile coffee stand.

15. Hot Water Dispenser – This will help decrease the coffee preparation time in your coffee catering business.

16. Filtration Machine – Your coffee cart business will use up a lot of water, but water with high mineral content can ruin your coffee machines. Invest in a filtration system that you can install in your coffee push cart to protect your equipment.

17. Oven and Toaster – If you’re planning to serve snacks, make sure to invest in a commercial toaster and oven that will fit in your coffee cart.

18. Pastry Case – Determine the right size for your mobile coffee cart first before purchasing a display case for your snacks.

Coffee Cart Tools and Ingredients

In order to serve high-quality coffee products like what https://www.butlerkoffee.com/ in Singapore has been serving people for years, you need quality coffee equipment for your mobile coffee cart. Stock up on essential supplies, such as the following:

1. Coffee mugs
2. Espresso cups or paper hot cups with lids
3. Plastic cups with lids
4. Coffee sleeves
5. Dinnerware
6. Plastic flatware
7. Stirrers or straws
8. Paper napkins
9. Cup, lid, and straw organizer or dispenser
10. Coffee filters
11. Measuring spoons and cups
12. Espresso tampers
13. Syrup pumps
14. Sugar pourers
15. Creamers
16. Knock boxes
17. Frothing pitchers
18. Frothing thermometer
19. Condiment organizer
20. Timer
21. Scale
22. Coffee or espresso
23. Milk
24. Sugar or sweeteners
25. Creamers
26. Tea bags, loose tea, and chai
27. Hot cider
28. Chocolate
29. Flavoring syrups
30. Fruit mixes and purees
31. Smoothie mizes
32. Grania or slushy syrups
33. Sauces and toppings

Finally, always remember that quality always beats quantity. Perfect your gourmet coffee by investing in the right equipment, supplies and ingredients.