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Tuscany, the mythical land home to the renowned mediaeval towns such as Florence, Lucca, Siena, Pisa and Arezzo rich in tourism resources and a center, which preserves renaissance art and culture, is a dream destination that everybody envy. Stretching from Pisa in the north to Grosseto and the Island of Elba in the south, Tuscany is a major tourism hub attracting travelers with all kinds of interest. The mediaeval towns, soothing hills, glittering blue sea and sweeping valleys invite you to explore the pleasures and pastime the sapphire waters and the golden land extend.


Pitigliano is located in southern Tuscany and unlike parts of the region, the landscape surrounding Pitigliano is wild and covered in woodlands. This town is located 313 meters above sea level and the hills are cut with a myriad streams. In the past,


White is the symbol of peace, eternity, tranquility and pure. The symbolic representation of white color has not only to do with myths but something to do with the human psychology. Humans have long been attracted with this color and tried to get the

San Gimignano

Step into San Gimignano and you step into medieval Italy. The quaint Tuscan town, set 334 metres above sea level, against a background of deep green hills, is almost an anachronism in today’s slick world of fast cars and expeditions to outer space.

San Galgano

Seldom has there been a monument without a history behind it. The world famous Abbazia di San Galgano (Abbey of San Galgano) is no different. Named after the knight San Galgano Guidotti (1148-1181), this spectacular structure is as splendid an exampl