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Festivals and Events

Tuscany, the mythical land home to the renowned mediaeval towns such as Florence, Lucca, Siena, Pisa and Arezzo rich in tourism resources and a center, which preserves renaissance art and culture, is a dream destination that everybody envy. Stretching from Pisa in the north to Grosseto and the Island of Elba in the south, Tuscany is a major tourism hub attracting travelers with all kinds of interest. The mediaeval towns, soothing hills, glittering blue sea and sweeping valleys invite you to explore the pleasures and pastime the sapphire waters and the golden land extend.

Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Operas were performed in Florence in the 16th century and they still thrive in this city which has an exciting artistic life. The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino or the ‘May Florentine Music Festival’ is conducted in the romantic city of Florence and runs

Palio di Siena

Imagine this. A jostling, impatient crowd of 33,000 people closeted in a square. An absolute cacophony of bells, bugles, trumpets and drums. Fluttering flags, spectacular banners and myriad colors all around. Charged excitement in the air. A boom ech

Giostro del Saracino Arezzo

Arezzo is a beautiful city in Tuscany surrounded by a valley created by the meeting of four natural basins. Visit Arezzo any time of the year. Devour the sights and sounds of this culturally rich city which also plays host to Italy’s most glamorous j