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Culture and Antropology

Tuscany, the mythical land home to the renowned mediaeval towns such as Florence, Lucca, Siena, Pisa and Arezzo rich in tourism resources and a center, which preserves renaissance art and culture, is a dream destination that everybody envy. Stretching from Pisa in the north to Grosseto and the Island of Elba in the south, Tuscany is a major tourism hub attracting travelers with all kinds of interest. The mediaeval towns, soothing hills, glittering blue sea and sweeping valleys invite you to explore the pleasures and pastime the sapphire waters and the golden land extend.

Tuscan Cigars

Look at the perfect smoke ring floating through a hazy dream. Realize the ingenious method and the rituals that stemmed from a huge broad tobacco leaf. Smooth, sophisticated and sensual, the Tuscan cigar has come a long way into the elite world of ar

Ceramica di Montelupo

Capture the rainbow in glorious colors and watch the majolica (ceramic) transform in the hot glow of the furnace. Precious and cherished the art of ceramics has been a very special artistic talent from Montelupo. Come watch the masters combining and

The Bandits

Run and hide, the bandits are coming! Can you hear the echoes of this often repeated and traumatized cry as the noblemen, farmers and peasants alike ran or covered in fear before the terrible bandits of Florence? Go through the miserable times of the

Francigena Way

One of the more popular pilgrimage routes in the world is the “Via Francigena”(V.F) or the “Francigena Way” running from Canterbury, England to Rome, Italy- a distance of 1900 kilometers. The route, way back in the 11th century, was used for sacred p


The Etruscans, an ancient Italian civilization, existed in Etruria and in the Po valley in northern Italy. Their origins are subject to speculation with Herodotus claiming that they had come from Lydia (west Turkey) and Dionysius believing that they