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Tuscany, the mythical land home to the renowned mediaeval towns such as Florence, Lucca, Siena, Pisa and Arezzo rich in tourism resources and a center, which preserves renaissance art and culture, is a dream destination that everybody envy. Stretching from Pisa in the north to Grosseto and the Island of Elba in the south, Tuscany is a major tourism hub attracting travelers with all kinds of interest. The mediaeval towns, soothing hills, glittering blue sea and sweeping valleys invite you to explore the pleasures and pastime the sapphire waters and the golden land extend.

Cafaggiolo Castle

Come and get entertained at a star-studded beautiful castle. Enter the portals of a historic place where the who’s who in every walk of life came to entertain and be entertained. Move around the historic 14th century Cafaggiolo Castle decorated with

Montalcino Castle

Monumental, memorable and magical, the Montalcino Castle lies in the beautiful countryside of southern Tuscany. If you want to see this historical castle which has withstood the tides of time, then start from Siena and follow the Cassia Road SS2. You

Walled Hill Town of Barberino Val d'Elsa

If you need to see an expression of beauty, just go down the A1 'Del Sole' Motorway and exit at Firenze Certosa. From there you can get on to the motorway to Siena as you turn right. Now exit at the Tavarnelle Val di Pesa. At the exit itself you can

Rocca Aldobrandesca Castle

Watch your step as you cross the hilly terrain to explore the wonderful ancient fortress of Rocca Aldobrandesca or Rocca of Tentennano. Make your way from the nearest destination to SS2 'Cassia' and as you turn to the right you will find pointers,

Meleto Castle

Welcome to the land of enchantment and magic. Rising above the cypresses and laurels, Meleto Castle stands as a vibrant, beautiful and impressive edifice whose secrets sing around its enthralling history. This how you can reach the a castle where lov

Aghinolfo Castle

Discover a glorious castle, perfect, powerful and patrician in its structure and excellent in its self sustenance. Come down to the historical Castle of Aghinolfo which is above the county of Montignoso about three kilometers from the center of Massa

Castello di Montegufoni

Follow Charlemagne's train on the serene Via Volterrana and look at the magnificent Castello di Montegufoni. Look around at the scenery as perfect as a picture post card and realize that you are standing on historical ground. Surround yourself with t

Castello dell'Aquila

Go through the motorway of A12 Parma / La Spezia till you reach the 'Aulla' exit in the center of the town in the direction of Fivizzano. Before you reach Fivizzano turn right after you see the sign indicating Gassano. You will find the village of Gr

Cacciaconti Castle

Join the parade of the Lady of the Snows and discover the history of the Cacciaconti Castle. Find the medieval hamlet of Trequanda as it evolves from the eastern border of the Senesi territory. You can reach Sinalunga that is at the exit of Val di Ch

Brolio Castle

Meet the ghost of the Iron Baron who gallops past dressed in black on his white steed. Step over the stones of the past and walk up to the great stronghold of the Brolio Castle with its Sienese neo-gothic architecture. Follow the romantic style of ag