Questions to Ask Before Engaging a Cosmetic Surgeon

As you start researching for a potential plastic surgeon in Singapore, you probably already have many questions that you’re dying to ask. Or maybe you’re quite lost and don’t know where to start or what questions to ask. Most people get intimidated simply by the thought of questioning an authority, and who is more of an authority figure than a cosmetic surgeon? After all, he is the person who could potentially improve or worsen your looks.

However, there’s a lot of things that you should consider before deciding to engage a particular aesthetic clinic or surgeon to get your injectable nose fillers. You would definitely want to know as much as possible about the skills and experiences of your prospective surgeon. So without dragging it further, we’ve listed some of the questions that you should ask your surgeon before deciding if he’s the right person to perform your procedure.

1. Are you a Board Certified Surgeon?
You might be asking as to what it exactly means to get a board-certified plastic surgeon. Getting a board-certified surgeon means that you’re hiring a surgeon that passed and completed an extensive, specialized training that doesn’t just show his experience and knowledge but also his commitment to provide an excellent service in the field.

There are actually a good number of certifying boards that are meant for plastic surgeon, but there are only few certifying boards that are considered as a gold standard in surgeon certification around the area in Singapore. Keep in mind though, that a certification isn’t the only thing that you should look out for since there are also other factors to be considered in choosing the right surgeon.

2. How many times have you performed this procedure?
It’s quite obvious that nobody wants to be there surgeon’s first nose job, even if it’s just injecting some nose fillers. Aside from that, most of us might not even want to be one of the first fifty patients that the surgeon who does nose fillers at Singapore could operate on and practice his medical techniques. Personally, I would hire a surgeon who has performed a particular cosmetic procedure over 200 or more times.

When you’re going to visit your surgeon, don’t feel embarrassed or rude about asking this question. It’s better to be uncomfortable and embarrassed than disfigured, right?

3. Who will assist in the procedure and where will it be done?
Knowing who will be part of your surgeon’s surgical support team is also important. In discussing this with your surgeon, do ask the following questions:

• Who will be monitoring and administering the anesthesia?
• Will there be any emergency staff available in case of a problem?
• If the procedure will be performed either in a teaching hospital, will there be interns or medical students assisting?

Aside from the surgical assistance, it’s also important that you know where the procedure will be done. Some surgeons opt to perform in hospitals, while some are more comfortable in their aesthetic clinic. Keep in mind that the complexity of your procedure should be considered in deciding on the place as to where the surgery would be performed.

4. Do you have any hospital privileges to do this procedure?
Even if your procedure will be done outside of the hospital, it’s still worth to ask your surgeon if he has hospital privileges to perform the cosmetic procedure since some hospitals have strict requirements and regarding the surgeon’s training and safety records before they grant a practitioner’s operating privileges. Also, these privileges can become important in case something unexpected would occur during your procedure.

5. What is the exact breakdown of the costs for the procedure?
Most people who undergo a cosmetic surgery don’t just realize that there’s actually a lot more to your total surgical fee than just your surgeon’s fee. Aside from that, other fees include laboratory fees, operating room fees, anesthesia fees and other variables that could add up to the cost. It would also be wiser if you ask for a written breakdown, so that you won’t be facing some ugly surprises when your operation is all set and done.

Looking for a cosmetic surgeon who will perform your procedure isn’t really easy. Aside from the skills and experience that you should consider, it’s also important that you’re comfortable in working with your surgeon, and with the help of these tips, we’re hoping that you’ll be able to find the right surgeon that you’re looking for.