Achieve Your Dream Beach Home at Kahuna Ho Tram

Do you dream of having your own condominium at one of pristine beaches in Vietnam? Now you can own your dream Vung Tau condo at Kahuna Ho Tram or Dự án Hồ Tràm with their latest addition of a condotel and spectacular beach villas.

Overview of Kahuna Ho Tram Strip
Kahuna Ho Tram Strip is making big waves with its fifth phase of development in its Kahuna Ho Tram Strip Condotel and Villas. Currently the largest foreign investment Dự án Hồ Tràm has attracted tourists, investors, visitors, and families seeking their home sweet home. The name kahuna, meaning “big waves,” is fitting for a development that includes a world-class golf course, five-star hotel, beautiful beaches in integrated resorts, entertainment and relaxation facilities, premium shops and restaurants, and just recently, lush beach villa for sale or villa beside golf course and cruise ship-themed condotel.

Located only two hours from Ho Chi Minh, Kahuna Ho Tram Strip is an ideal place for tourists and investors seeking to be part of the next entertainment and tourist hub in Southeast Asia that will rival that of Phuket, Macau, and even Las Vegas. With the development of an international airport nearby, it is set to become a major ecotourism and economic center in Vietnam.

Premium Destinations at Kahuna Ho Tram
Some of the world-class destinations in the Kahuna ho tram resort in Vietnam include not only property investment opportunities or holiday resort investment options, but proximity to one of the world’s best golf courses, the five-star The Grand, and the Beach Club.

• The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip. Listed as one of the greatest golf courses in the world by Golf Digest, The Grand Ho Tram Strip was designed by Greg Norman and includes a clubhouse, restaurant, pro shop, banquet room, practice area, and locker rooms. The golf course was carefully-designed by one of the world’s best golfers to incorporate the natural features of the location that made it unique. Since its opening in 2014, it has left a good impression among golfers and visitors with the quality of the amenities and facilities and its competitive play and stay packages.

• The Grand Ho Tram. The jewel of the Ho Tram Strip is the 1,100-room integrated resort that as world-class accommodations for family, friends, and solo tourists. Accommodation includes grand double, grand king, grand suite, grand ocean view double, grand ocean view king, and premier ocean view suite so you can be kings and queens while basking in the luxurious experience at Kahuna Ho Tram Resort. The Grand Also features special events, but if you want to enjoy your time with family and friends, you can also visit the dragon slide, game center, grand cinema, spa, central park, fitness center, miniature golf, and jukebox karaoke.

Top Destinations at Vung Tau
Having your own Vung Tau condo also means you and your family will get to spend more time in the largest city of the Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, which is popular for its resorts, theme parks, fabulous holidays and festivals that showcase both the old and modern Vietnam.

Consisting of sixteen wards, Vung Tau was known as a destination for traders and travelers during the 14th and 15 centuries, hence its name which means anchorage in Vietnamese. In fact, its original name is connected to its role as a viable stop for traders and fishers—Tam Thang or Three Boats. Even the Malay pirates used Vung Tau as a base for 59 years until King Gia Long sent an army to eliminate them. Although its role as a port has diminished in the past several years, its shipping and oil industry is still flourishing along with its tourism.

Vung Tau also played a significant role in the ouster of the French occupants in 1859. Some remnants of the French influence remain in the region, including that of the mansion of Paul Doumer, former governor of Indochina.

It was only during the Vietnam War when Vung Tau emerged as a premium destination for rest and relaxation when it became popular among army personnel. You can visit places such as Bai Sau, Bai Truoc, Niet Ban Tinh Xa temple, Thich Ca Phat Dai temple, Christ of Vung Tau, and Lang Ong Nam Whale temple. Don’t miss their festivals and celebrations such as the Kite Festival, annual festivals for the whale god Nam Hai General, and food festivals.

Ho Tram, one of the beach towns in Ba Ria-Vung Tau, is a sister beach to Ho Coc and is known for the Binh Chau hot springs, Tram Lake, and Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve.

Overview of the Kahuna Ho Tram Condotel
If you’re going to invest in condo, why not pick the best by choosing one of the 164 units in the Condotel Tower? This 12-storey building will surely make you feel as if you are in a fabulous cruise ship with spectacular views of the sea, golf course, and the other sites in Kahuna Ho Tram Strip.

For those planning to invest in condo, choose from the 130 standard units, 8 penthouses, 14 corner units, 10 ground floor standard units, and 2 ground floor corner units. The ground floor standard units, penthouses, and ground floor corner units come with private pools, while the corner units all come with private Jacuzzis.

Overview of the Kahuna Ho Tram Villas
Dreaming of a villa beside golf course? How about a beach villa for sale with the best views of the sea? Check out for photos of The Garden and Beach Front Villas in the Kahuna Ho Tram with their breathtaking views and luxe amenities like private swimming pools, Jacuzzis, gardens and ponds.

Some of the units can be turned into a holiday resort investment such as one of the 36 Double Key Garden Villas that come with a private pool and garden. The best views can be enjoyed with one of the Single-Key Beach Front Villas that are bigger than the Double Key Garden Villas. The units are all connected through waterways and ponds that serve to enhance the view of the beaches.